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People seem to hold a particular fascination with robots. Though it is becoming increasingly clear that robots aren't going to be running the show as heavily as people thought they would a mere ten or so years ago, their significance in daily life is fairly prominent as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. Some people fear robots, others embrace them, and many don't really give two hoots about them at all, but one thing is for sure: robot games are here to stay, and their popularity is undeniable. At Evil Robot we have some of the very best robot games on the internet from all kinds of sub-genres including Mech, Shoot Em Up, Strategy, and Puzzle. For those unfamiliar with where to start in the Robot Game world however, this page is here to give you a nudge in the right direction towards five of the best robot games you'll ever be lucky enough to play.

I Am Insane Rogue AI

Though there's something pretty sinister about the premise of I am Insane Rogue AI, this has no bearing whatsoever on the sheer quality of the game. As is often the case with robot-based games, this one involves causing quite a bit of havoc and only using the mouse to perform the various tasks which cause all of this destruction and chaos. You assume the role of the titular insane AI whose objective is to hack into and destroy not an enemy but yourself, since you are the facility whose mainframe you are hacking into. Told you it was insane and sinister, didn't I?

The game feels like a twist on the classic stealth game format, though you aren't sneaking around like Snake in Metal Gear Solid but are playing as an overarching intelligence with great power to do things like turn off the lights to scare scientists into fleeing, hacking individual computers, and hacking robots as well. All of this is achieved by clicking on the various items you wish to interact with/hack, though remember that these items/people also have the ability to thwart you efforts. Scientists can stop the hacking process, the initiating of which costs you varying quantities of resources or "cycles" as they are called in the game. The beauty of I Am an Insane Rogue AI isn't just in the format but in the upgrades and the stylish nature of its design which makes it one of the greatest robot games you can play, which isn't a surprise considering that the game comes from the Nerdook Studio which produces some of the most innovative and enthralling flash games on the planet.

Mechanical Commando 2

Anything with the word "Commando" in its title almost always has to be at least packed full of shooting and violence-based action; Mechanical Commando 2 isn't making any point to break with this assumption. Before you even get past the title screen, you know that this is going to be a quality game because of the people who made it, Berzerk Land, who are notorious for coming up with some pretty incredible games such as Berzerk Ball 2. Mechanical Commando 2 is a sequel that adds a good quantity of content to the series and generally provides a much improved experience compared to the original.

This sequel comes to you in the same format as the previous game: it is a top-down perspective shooter that is packed with action. You assume control of a robot that you must control with the WASD keys for movement and the mouse to aim/fire. You get to embark on a variety of missions ranging from standard storyline-based progression to survival mode where you must try and stay alive for as long as possible whilst enemies come at you in waves. You can earn experience, upgrades, and many different weapons which are fired by using the left mouse button for your primary and the spacebar/shift key for your shoulder weapon. The design of this game is extremely professional with high levels of polish, great sound effects, and a fair few levels to conquer. You'll have a lot of fun shooting various enemies that come in many different and challenging forms. Mechanical Commando 2 is one of those games that you can just play without having to learn a series of complex rules or restrictions which dictate the game. Simply pick up and play and you'll have an action-packed time.

Robot Clashes

While it can be fun to go on a murderous adventure shooting everyone in sight, there's also some merit in the more traditional robot battle that comes in the form of a spectacular between many heavily upgrades robots in an arena that encourages only the most destructive of behaviour. Robot Clashes is a game that offers this Robot Wars-style encounters with you in control, only with more enemies and a side-scrolling format.

You must purchase armour, weapons, and other upgrades as you progress through the battles, all arranged in a visually attractive menu system which makes everything feel professional and well-designed. The game is all about upgrading tactically and the changes you make between stages because the battles take place almost automatically as your robots run in from the left and the opposition from the right. Robot Clashes is a very well organised and brilliantly designed bit of robot action with a great format that deserves your attention.


Another brilliant game from Berserk Land, Gunbot is a title that combines mild platform action with an outrageously entertaining third-person shooter premise, and all topped off with some serious upgrade-based incentives to keep the desire to play burning until the very end of the game.

Though there is a storyline, this is irrelevant as all that matters is that you get to use the WASD or arrow keys to move your robot through each of the levels, shooting enemies as you go by aiming with the mouse and firing with the left mouse button. You'll encounter various enemies of different difficulties, some flying and some airborne, and you also get to upgrade your guns from a serious collection that will have even the most upgrade-hungry player satisfied.

Thing Thing Arena Pro

Thing Thing has been around for quite a while now and in this time it has come up with some of the most entertaining and solidly designed shoot-em-up games on the entire internet. Thing Thing Arena Pro takes the series' fast-paced third-person shooter format and places it gracefully into an arena setting, with spawning enemies that just keep on coming and weapons upgrades that keep getting better and better.

You have a total of five stages to complete, each containing around nine objectives that are based around finding certain objects and killing a certain number of enemies, and all with the pressure of time looming over your head. The range of weapons to be found/unlocked is quite substantial, the enemies are great in number and vary in difficulty, and the action is relentless. This makes Thing Thing Arena Pro a must-play Shoot Em Up robot game, if not one of the best robot games here at Evil Robot.